Studio DL Sdn Bhd is our best supporter for re-shooting the old photos and important records.

The Way Home is a careful, emotional, and deeply sympathetic attempt by two journalists to document both the horrors of Leprosy and the disease's ongoing legacy.



Community service project

We organise events that bring joy to the resident because a simple gesture, a touch, a kind word, or the smallest act of caring can lift their spirits and cheer them up.
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DNA testing

When Generation come back in search of their roots, we will help them by checking for their birth record in the Sungai Buloh Record Department and also the Registration office using whatever information they have in hand. If their personal details are incomplete or if the government record is also incomplete /missing, then we may help to get the authorities' support to do DNA testing for the descendant and the inmate who we suspect might be connected to them. We are now appealing to the government to establish a DNA bank to help reconnect the families affected by leprosy.
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Students' Workshop

We are willing to work with any other NGOs, associations or individuals who are interested to know the history of Sungai Buloh. Personally meeting with the old folks from Sungai Buloh really touches peoples' hearts, especially the youths'. Here is feedback from a participant:

"Initially we had thought our visit will give the old folks strength to live but instead it was us who received the strength from them. Their fighting spirit, their life experiences and their wisdom have indeed given us tremendous encouragement to live our lives." With such positive feedback from the participants, we have the confidence to continue organizing these interactive workshops and community service programs.
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