Studio DL Sdn Bhd is our best supporter for re-shooting the old photos and important records.

Studio DL Sdn Bhd is our best supporter for re-shooting the old photos and important records.


Second Generation

Why did three mothers from three different countries bravely decide to bring their children back to a place-the Sungai Buloh Settlement--which had previously been shunned and cursed by others? Why did they embark on this unknown journey in search of their roots? How will this "root-seeking" trip change their identity? And how will their discoveries rewrite their family histories?

An Unfulfilled Dream - Esther'sStory

When I was 16 years old, I was told by my adoptive parents that I was adopted. My foster parents are New Zealanders so I obviously looked very different from them and their biological children anyway...... Read More

Father's Beer Bottles - Julie's story

My adoptive parents told me that I was adopted before I was old enough to go to school, but to this day, I can't actually remember being told. At that time, I didn't internalise what this meant. One day, another student ...... Read More

A Graveside Reunion - Noraeni's Story

When I was seven or eight, a relative accidentally let it slip that I was adopted. My father only told me when I was 20 years old. He said that my biological father was a soldier in British Malaya, and he had died before I was born..... Read More

Reunion In The Ward
An Inconceivable Reunion

For 48 years, the mother had waited in the ward for her daughter to return. She described the moment her daughter was taken away from her as ...... Read More

A long-awaited hug
A Gathering Of Three Generations

Some kinds of love are inadvertently particularly deep-seated. Some kinds of fate are inadvertently particularly appropriate. Some kinds of pain inadvertently heal itself...... Read More

Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Love Beyond Boundaries

The mother lives in Sungai Buloh, the daughter in Gombak. A distance of only a few kilometres, it was so near and yet so far as neither knew the other was there...... Read More