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The Way Home is a careful, emotional, and deeply sympathetic attempt by two journalists to document both the horrors of Leprosy and the disease's ongoing legacy.


Book Publication

Book Description: This book records the lives of early leprosy patients who had been forcibly isolated from their families and placed in a special leprosy community. It narrates how they formed new families and gave birth to children there but were not allowed to raise their children by themselves. It also depicts the life of their children who were sent away to charity institutions and how some come back in search of their roots when they grow up.

Although many patients eventually recovered from leprosy, the long-term isolation had made it impossible for them to return to their original families and assimilate in mainstream society. However, we do hope that the reporting of these stories will exert a positive influence on the scattered children.

On a humanitarian basis, we sincerely hope that the Generation of these patients will appreciate the experience their parents had gone through, and defend the family rights of these patients. We also hope that the stories of separation or reunion will bring us love, care and hope.

回家封面 《回家》
Authors: Tan Ean Nee & Joshua Wong
First Published: 2011
ISBN: 978-967-10671-0-9
Price : MYR 45.00 (276 pp)

The Way Home book cover The Way Home
Authors: Tan Ean Nee & Joshua Wong
Translated by: Khor Jiak Ling
First Published: 2012
ISBN: 978-967-10671-1-6
Price: MYR 45.00 (291 pp)