Launching of Chinese book

Dr Khalid Ibrahim, Director of Sungai Buloh Hospital, approving the Generation' appeal for setting up a DNA bank to reconnect the families affected by leprosy.


Our Objective

The objective of this website is to encourage Generation of Sungai Buloh who are scattered all over the world to get to know the emotional world of their parents and also to see the beauty of the history of where they came from. This website can serve as a common platform for families who have been torn apart by leprosy to share their memories, photos, videos, etc. By doing this, we hope to encourage more Generation to come back and trace their roots while their parents are still alive. Our mission is to reunite the former leprosy patients and their Generation through all possible channels. In the end, we hope to empower them with knowledge and courage to preserve their own family history.

When Generation return to look for their birth parents, we will help to check for their birth record from the Sungai Buloh Record Department or at the Malaysian Registration Department. At times, when personal details are incomplete or the government record is also incomplete or missing, we will then apply to the hospital authorities to carry out a DNA test for the descendant and the resident who we suspect to be their parents. In the case of those whose parents have passed on, we hope to help them reconnect with their siblings and relatives if possible. We hope that through the public, more Generation will find their way home.

A former leprosy patient being reunited with her daughter after 48 years of separation.
Second Generation receiving their original birth certs  from the Registration Office with the help of the hospital authorities.