A group of leprosy children on the seesaw. This photo was taken in the 1930s.

A group of leprosy children on the seesaw. This photo was taken in the 1930s.


Medical Superintendents from 1930 to 1977

29.4.1930 to 9.12.1930

Dr. V. D. Wyborn

9.12.1930 to 11.7.1931

Dr. G. A. Ryrie

11.7.1931 to 27.4.1932

Dr. A. G. Badenoch (Acting)

27.4.1932 to 16.8.1935

Dr. G. A. Ryrie

16.8.1935 to 13.7.1936

Dr. W. Huges (Acting)

13.7.1936 to 7.11.1939

Dr. G. A. Ryrie

7.11.1939 to 15.8.1940

Dr. G. A. Ryrie on leave. Due to the War in Europe, no Medical Superintendent was on duty. The administration was in the charge of a visiting Medical Officer from S.M. and H.O. in Kuala Lumpur, Mr. C. H. Hewatt (Lay Superintendent), as the Asst. M.O.

15.8.1940 to 24.12.1943

Dr. G. A. Ryrie. On 24.12.1943, the Japanese removed Dr. Ryrie and Mr Hewatt to Singapore Internment Camp. Mr Hewatt died in the Internment Camp. After the War in 1945, Dr. Ryrie was rushed home to U.K. to recuperate, but died in Scotland on 10th March 1953. The medical world honoured him as the "Saint of Sungai Buloh"

24.12.1943 to 1945

Vacant. Administration was in the charge of Dr. Che Lah and Dr. C. H. Abraham as Medical Officers


Kuala Lumpur re-occupied by British troops

1946 to 1947

Dr. B. M. McOwen

1947 to 22.11.1947

Dr. P. G. Currid

22.11.1947 to 13.5.1957

Dr. B. D. Molesworth

13.5.1957 to 3.2.1961

Dr. K. M. Reddy

3.2.1961 to 1977

Dr. M. K. Bhojwani, Dr. Kumar (Deputy)DIRECTOR


The position of Medical Superintendents (M.S) has been changed to Director after 1977.

Directors from 1977 to present

1977 to 1989

Dr. K. Rajagopalan, Dr. Lim Kuan Joo (Deputy)

1989 to 1990

Dr. T. Ganesapillai, Dr. Sadhu Singh (Deputy)

1990 to 1993

Dr. T. Ganesapillai, Dr. Ch'ng Siew Gim (Deputy)

1993 to 1995

Dr. A. Karunaveil, Dr. Norzi (Deputy)

1995 to 1997

Dr. T. Mahadevan

1997 to 1999

Dr. Nor Akmal bt Yusuf

1999 to 2003

Dr. S. Kalyani

2003 to 2006

Dr. Zainab bt Ramli

2006 to 2009

Dr. Jasmeet Singh

2010 to present

National Leprosy Control Centre is under the administration of Dr. Haji Khalid b. Ibrahim (The Director of Sungai Buloh Hospital), Dr Aminuddin Bin Tauhid (The Deputy Director of Sungai Buloh Hospital) & Dr. Saiah bt. Abdullah (The Deputy Director of National Leprosy Control Centre)