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The Way Home is a careful, emotional, and deeply sympathetic attempt by two journalists to document both the horrors of Leprosy and the disease's ongoing legacy.



New Book Launch -

"Pertemuan Di Pusara"(Reunion at the Graveyard) tells the life experiences of Madam Noraeni, descendant of Sungai Buloh. She was adopted by the driver of the Sultan of Kelantan and was brought up in the Palace. After finding out that she was a descendant from Sungai Buloh, she strived very hard to search for her roots.

Launching Of A New Book & Documentary
"Pertemuan Di Pusara" & "Anak-anak Sungai Buloh"
Date: 5th April 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 2.30pm-5.00pm
Venue: Multi- Purpose Hall Communal Home, Sungai Buloh.

Book Launch

The Chinese edition of ¡°The Way Home¡± was successfully launched on 9.9.2011 at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall whereas the English Edition was launched in UTAR on 7.11.2012 . These two books had aroused great interest among the public and it was widely reported by the media. Because of these books, more people had the opportunity to understand the isolated world of the former leprosy patients and their Generation.

The Way Home (Chinese Edition) Book Launch
09 Sept 2011

The Way Home (English Edition) Book Launch at UTAR
07 Nov 2011

Book campaign

For the past two years, we have conducted more than 18 big and small public road shows, seminars, and talks in various states. Our main objective is to educate the public about the illness suffered by former leprosy patients, their life experiences and also their emotional needs. In other words, the publishing of these two books is just a ¡®tool¡¯ to promote an educational awareness campaign.


Fulfil Our Last Wish Press Conference

On 11th April 2013, we called for a press conference to be held in the Sungai Buloh Council¡¯s meeting room. That was the first time former leprosy patients and Generation who are searching for their separated family members stood together to share their plight and request for help from the media. Local TV stations, the press and online media came to cover the event. The stories were widely reported and we received some calls from the public who wanted to provide us with information to help us with the searching and vice-versa.

Root Searching Guidance

When Generation come back in search of their roots, we help them find their birth records in the Sungai Buloh Record Department and also at the Registration office using whatever information they have in hand. We try our best to connect them with their past and help them locate their separated family members. If their parents have passed on, then we will try and help them locate their parents¡¯ graves. From past experiences, just seeing their parents¡¯ head stones or knowing the death date of their parent means something to the Generation for at least they can recover their real identity and find out where they originated from.

DNA testing

If their personal details are incomplete and if the government records are also incomplete or missing, then we may help to get the authorities¡¯ support to do DNA testing for the descendant and the inmate to whom we suspect the descendant is related to. We are now appealing to the government to establish a DNA bank to help reconnect the families affected by leprosy.

Video production

Video clips were produced to document the oral history of the resident and their Generation. These clips show the contribution the former leprosy patients have made to the Sungai Buloh Settlement and highlight the patients¡¯ emotional needs. The clips also help to enhance the Generation¡¯ understanding of the illness suffered by their parents and encourage them to fight for the right of the leprosy patients to become part of their family.

Preserving the legacy of Sungai Buloh

We interview the resident and compile their oral history. We revive the history of the settlement by digitalizing old records, important documents, old artifacts, handcrafts and garments made by the resident. We hope before leprosy is consigned to the dusty pages of history books, these materials can be of reference for the future generation.

Students¡¯ Workshop

We believe that personally meeting with the old folks will touch people¡¯s hearts, especially the youths¡¯. This is what a youth told us: ¡°Initially we had thought that our visit will give the old folks strength to live, but instead it was we who received the strength from them. Their fighting spirit, their life experiences and their wisdom have indeed given us tremendous encouragement to live our lives.¡± With such positive feedback from the participants, we have the confidence to continue organizing these interactive workshops and community service programs.

Community service project

We work with NGOs to organize events that bring joy to the resident. The resident are in their twilight years and what they really need is a listening ear and someone to talk besides the contribution in terms of money and relief material. We believe a simple gesture, a touch, a kind word, or the smallest act of caring can lift their spirits and cheer them up.

Cadet Reporters Camp

We have worked with the media to conduct a camp for cadet reporters. We took the cadets around to visit the settlement, interview the resident and the hospital authorities and had activities for them to interact with the resident. We are happy to know that this group of young, energetic and motivated cadet reporters have showed great interest to the stories of this settlement which enable them to gather good writing material for their assignments. At the end of the camp, these cadet reporters had a lively interest in the resident¡¯ life and new knowledge. In this way, they will make a positive difference to their news organisation and to the Sungai Buloh community.