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The Way Home is a careful, emotional, and deeply sympathetic attempt by two journalists to document both the horrors of Leprosy and the disease's ongoing legacy.



The Everlasting Valley of Hope

Leprosy was mistaken as a highly contagious disease in the 1920's . In order to control the epidemic, the British Malaya Government established the Sungai Buloh Leprosy Settlement for the segregation and treatment of those with the disease. The settlement was a self-supporting community, and it soon became "home" for the patients. They were promised free therapy for life, and the then government consented to let them reside permanently in the settlement. However, in late 2007, development encroached upon the settlement and disturbed the tranquil lives of the elderly residents there. The stories of the residents are recorded in this documentary, revealing how their lives and the fate of the settlement are interwoven......

Director: Joshua Wong
Script: Tan Ean Nee
Editor: Lee Weng Keat
Year of Production: 2007-2009
Duration: 62min
Subtitle: Chinese/ Malay / English
Sponsored by: KLSCAH Youth Section, Action Jijin Bhd & Saving Valley of Hope Solidarity Group.